New online presence


New online presence
Google is a key driver for your business. Following one of the search engine’s latest updates, Google Pigeon, it is vital that you focus on geolocalisation. For property professionals, this means creating a Google My Business page, as mentioned in our news post on 28 July 2014. To recap, a Google My Business page improves your company’s search engine ranking and makes it appear in local search results (which pushes other search results into third or fourth position, or even further down). Today, we will explain how you can enhance your position in these results (see screenshot).

First of all, if you don’t already have one, create a Gmail or Google+ account. Next, set up a Google My Business account or obtain the rights to it. Avoid creating duplicate entries as these will harm your company’s visibility. When you set up your Google My Business account, Google will suggest creating a Google+ page. If you already have a Google+ page, go to it and click on Google My Business Dashboard. Note that this page also requires SEO to improve the search ranking. Let’s now take a look at some important SEO levers:

1) Create a Google+ page for your business with the name of the company, its physical address (no PO boxes), a local telephone number and, ideally, the opening times.

2) Ensure that several sites list your company’s physical address (directories,, Facebook page, etc.). Make sure that the details are correct, as Google may penalise you if different sites list different information (business name + address + telephone number)

3) Optimise your website, as again Google may penalise your local visibility otherwise

4) Remember that customer reviews are important too: the more reviews you have, the more Google will increase your visibility (don’t forget to monitor and respond to opinions of your company and services)

5) Use a Google Trusted Photographer to create a virtual tour of your premises

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