Proximity marketing


Proximity marketing
What does SoLoMo mean? What does it involve? Why is it important for you? What challenges does this new trend pose? In short, SoLoMo is a marketing approach that enables businesses to take advantage of smartphones to deliver personalised and geolocalised content while promoting social sharing, regardless of the location of the customer (potential or existing).

The proliferation of communication channels makes it vital to take a holistic approach and includes the following aspects:
- Social: brand socialisation via social media
- Local: bringing businesses and users closer together through the means outlined below
- Mobile: an appropriate channel that links the various components, including the customer

Having looked at the social aspect in February, this month we will talk about local and mobile. Did you know that Google localises searches and therefore the results suggested to internet users? Click here to see an example. Until recently, geolocalisation worked only at a national level. Today, however, reference can be made through geolocalisation to the scale of a town or from a position given by a smartphone, for example. That’s why we advise combining our SEO tools with a presence on sites with a local focus, such as Google My Business, which puts your information on Google Maps, Foursquare and directories such as, and Yelp (which bought Qype), etc. Becoming a leading local or regional agency requires multiple communication campaigns because the quality of your services is usually not enough to ensure long-term success. Aside from your network, your usual promotional activities (posters, sponsorship, infomercials, events, personalised invitations, etc.) and a presence on social media, use keywords including your business region in the Immomig® software (in the ‘Configuration’ menu or the ‘Publish’ tab of a property). Also consider providing content to the local or regional press, and promote transparency (include performance indicators and quality symbols on your site, such as professional memberships, staff qualifications, etc.) and trust. This is important, as part of your target market lies in the region, and recommendation is crucial; negative comments can be extremely damaging. Also consider the following local advertising opportunities: local radio, Swiss regional television, trains, trams and buses, at transport stops, post offices, ambient media (guerilla marketing), etc.

And don’t forget the opportunities offered by smartphones, the central element of SoLoMo! Remember that most mobile searches are for services in the immediate proximity of the user; a local search often results in a call (25% of cases), a visit (41%) or a purchase (31%). Mobile is a vital source of information that geolocates companies and their offers/deals, provides details of an agency’s services, opening hours, properties and open houses, while also allowing users to read/request reviews, find more information, etc. A study conducted by Motorola in 2010 found that some 55% of shop managers considered consumers to be better informed than sales staff.

It is therefore worthwhile to create a truly local experience in and around points of sale and agencies, facilitated by mobile and expanded social interaction. Lastly, in addition to planning your marketing activities based on your overall strategy and budget, involve your staff and monitor objective achievement (using Immomig® tools for contact origin and so on).