More buyers


More buyers
How do potential clients get in touch with you? A great many probably contact you through your website. This is not just a shop window, but also an important channel of communication. Which leads to the question: how do you increase the number of visitors and turn them into potential buyers or sellers? There are two levers available to you. The first is to bring more visitors to the site, in particular through natural SEO and social media. The second is to improve the
- Conversion rate for buyer contacts
- Conversion rate for seller contacts
- Conversion rate for email alert/newsletter subscriptions by buyers or renters

A key element in optimising conversion rates is your website’s landing page. The following elements are recommended in order to persuade potential clients:

- An up-to-date and optimised home page
- An attractive design that is simple and easy to use
- Tailored architecture with conversion funnels that lead contacts to the end of the process without leaving the site
- Good page headings
- Clear headings, subheadings and text
- Content that is relevant to your potential clients, such as testimonials, press articles, certifications and other information that builds trust (provide your full contact details)
- Incentives to act, such as buttons
- No external links
- Rapidly downloadable images and videos

Last but not least, set medium-term objectives for your landing page and use the tools available in the Immomig® software, including:

- Contact origin statistics
- Buyer conversion rate by source

Seize the opportunity to become a leader on the web by taking these two essential steps: SEO to attract more visitors and site enhancement to increase the conversion rate.